Using My Academics


The My Academics dashboard in my.UChicago is designed to give you a quick overview of all aspects of your academic record on any device.

To visit the dashboard, click on My Academics in the quick links of the student homepage.

My Academics

When you first visit the page, you will see the Program/Plan pagelet, the Enrollment History pagelet, the Weekly Schedule pagelet, and quick links:

Program/Plan Pagelet

The Program/Plan pagelet gives you information on the following (visible fields will vary by student):

  • Program of Study, including secondary majors, minors, and concentrations
  • Program Status
  • Degree
  • Expected Graduation Term w/ link to update
  • Completion Term
  • Graduation Application Link and Status 

Term Information Pagelet

The Term Information pagelet includes important data and statistics from every term you have been active at UChicago.  Information in the pagelet includes:

  • Enrollment Appointments (starting dates and time for registration)
  • Academic Load
  • Primary Program
  • Academic Level (at the start of the term)
  • Study Agreement (academic activity away from campus, such as studying abroad or doing research at another institution)
  • Cumulative Units Passed
  • Cumulative GPA (start of the term)

Classes Pagelet

The Classes pagelet allows you to view detailed class information for all of your registered classes on a term-by-term basis.  By clicking the calendar icon, you can export your schedule to your preferred calendar program.

Clicking on any of the classes will give you more detail:

Quick Links and Academics Drop Down

The Quick Links section on My Academics assembles the most used links to academic functionality within my.UChicago, such as My Classes, the registration tool, and View Unoffficial Transcript:



Additional links can be found by clicking on the Academics dropdown towards the top of the page:

Enrollment History Pagelet

The Enrollment History pagelet shows a complete history of all courses you have enrolled in at the University, including title, term, and grade.  If you have not yet received a grade in the class, or if the class is not graded, the grade field will display "In Progress or N/A."  The pagelet also offers a printable view of your history, or you can follow the link to download an unofficial transcript. 

Weekly Schedule Pagelet

Weekly Schedule.png

The Weekly Schedule pagelet lists class sessions coming up in the next seven days, including their location and time.

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