Annual Confirmation Instructions

Each year, new and returning students are required to go through a confirmation process to ensure that our central systems have accurate information about you, and the most up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for your emergency contacts in case of personal emergencies.

Completing Confirmation

1. Log-in to

2. Scoll down to the middle of the homepage, and find the Checklists and Tasks pagelet.

3. Select the Tasks tab and click “Full Tasklist.”
Confirmation 1.jpg
4. In the To Do List, click “Annual Confirmation (Autumn 2016)” to begin the confirmation process.
Confirmation 2.jpg
5. Read the introduction page and click Next in the upper right.
Confirmation 3.jpg
6. Read through the Sexual Misconduct Compliance Disclosure. Check the Accept box and click Save to record that you have reviewed the information.  The Next button will appear in the upper right, allowing you to proceed to the next screen.
Confirmation 4.jpg
7. Review the My Classes Usage Agreement, indicate if you Agree or Do Not Agree, click Save, then click Next.
Confirmation 5.jpg
8. For each page after the Usage Agreement, review the information and make any needed updates.  Click "Mark as Complete" to activate the Next button and move forward in the confirmation process.
Confirmation 6v2.jpg
9. Once you're reached the last screen, click Finish to complete the confirmation process.
Confirmation 7v2.jpg