Registration Dates and Deadline - Spring 2017

Registration Dates and Deadlines - Spring Quarter 2017

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Registration Dates and Deadlines - Spring 2017

Quarter Begins Mon., Mar. 27
Degrees Conferred Sat., June 10
Quarter Ends Sat., June 10


College Students: Consult Dean of Students Office
Resuming following a leave-of-absence or non-degree students Consult Dean of Students Office
Graduate Divisions:  
Biological Sciences (BSLC 104) Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Humanities (Walker 111) Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Institute for Molecular Engineering (Jones 219) Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Physical Sciences (Jones 116) Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Social Sciences (Foster 107) Consult Dean of Students Office
Graduate Schools:  
Business See Booth Schedule
Divinity Consult Dean of Students Office
Law See Law School Schedule
Medicine See Medical School Schedule
Public Policy Studies Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Social Service Administration Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24
Returning Scholars, Graduate Students-at-Large Wed.-Fri., Feb. 22-24
Graham Masters Degrees Mon.-Fri., Feb. 20-24


Tuition Due Date Shown on bill
Tuition 2016-2017  
Tuition and Fees due in full for students receiving degrees Fri., May 26

Language Exams

Language Reading Examination:  
Registration deadline for all languages Fri., Apr. 14
Test Dates:  
French Mon., May 8
German Mon., May 1
Spanish Mon., Apr. 24
Other Languages Mon., Apr. 24

Other Deadlines

Degree Application Deadline (except Booth) Fri., Mar. 31
Degree Application Withdrawal without Penalty Fri., Apr. 28
Dissertations (Final) due in Dissertation Office Fri., May 12