Enrollment Statistics

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The Office of the University Registrar reports the official enrollment and graduation of all University students. Publication of much of this information is required by Federal and State compliance laws. The University’s Student Information and Disclosures website, specifies where these items may be located across the University’s various web sites and home pages. These are the items for which the Office of the University Registrar is responsible to report:

Privacy, Student Records, and FERPA compliance:

Pell Grants:

Completion/Graduation/Transfer-out Rates; See the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey located on this page at:

Student Retention Rate; See Part E Page 55 of the IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey located on this page at:

Student Body Diversity; See the IPEDS/IBHE Summary Report located on this page at: https://registrar.sites.uchicago.edu/sites/registrar.uchicago.edu/files/uploads/pdf/statistics/ipeds/Ipeds-Summary-Aut11.pdf

Quarterly Census Date Enrollment Reports (4th week of each quarter, beginning Winter 2003)

The University Registrar and SSSC have established the official quarterly census date for University enrollment as the beginning of the 4th week. This roughly corresponds with IPEDS and Illinois Board of Higher Education reporting dates. Census reporting in this manner began in the Winter Quarter 2003. Corresponding reports for Autumn Quarters in prior years may be extracted from annual IPEDS enrollment reports.

End-of-Quarter Statistical Report Booklets

At the end of each Quarter for most of the University's history, the Registrar's Office has published a volume of enrollment and other statistical reports, showing the profile of the University's students as of that date. The booklets, usually about 20 pages in length, include tables showing enrollment in the College, Divisions, and Schools, by programs of study, by Doctoral Residence categories, by sex, by race (Autumn only), as well as number of degrees awarded, new students, students resuming studies following a leave, and withdrawals. Distribution is usually to senior University administrators. Bound volumes are kept in the Registrar's Office forever.

Annual IPEDS-Equivalent Submissions to Illinois Board of Higher Education

During the 4th week of every Autumn term, Colleges and Universities in the US prepare a standard enrollment report called IPEDS. The University of Chicago and other schools in Illinois submit this information to the Illinois Board of Higher Education in a special format. This report corresponds to the standard IPEDS report submitted by non-Illinois Colleges and Universities

Annual IPEDS Submissions

Annual All-University Courses “JOHNSON” Reports

All-University list of courses offered during an academic year, showing enrollment of College students vs. Graduate and non-degree students in each. Usually sorted by department but can also be sorted by instructor. These reports are usually generated at the end of each Spring Quarter (end of academic year). They are VERY proprietary as they display all instructional activity throughout the University. They are named the "Johnson Reports" in honor of D. Gale Johnson, Provost of the University in the late 1970's when these reports were first established. Data was available for the preparation of Johnson Reports for this web site starting with the academic year 1982-1983.

Entering College Class Statistics, Provided by Office of College Admissions

U.S. Dept. of Education (IPEDS) Reports via the College Navigator web site: Reports which allow browsers to compare the following data elements, among others, across selected U.S. Colleges and Universities.
Enrollment, including minority enrollment
Graduation Rates
Financial Aid
Tuition Amounts