Viewing Your Unofficial Transcript

Viewing Your Unofficial Transcript

my.UChicago allows you to generate an unofficial transcript with details of your studies at UChicago.  While it does not bear the University seal and has an "Unofficial Transcript" watermark, it otherwise contains the same academic details and history as the official transcript.

To view your unofficial transcript:

  • Visit the My Academics dashboard in my.UChicago.
  • Click the View Unofficial Transcript link in either the quick links or the Enrollment History pagelet:
  • Choose the appropriate unofficial transcript type from the dropdown and click View Report.  Note: the Law School Unofficial and Medical School Unofficial will only contain your academic history with those schools, while the Unofficial Transcript will contain your entire academic history at UChicago. 
  • A loading graphic will start spinning in the middle of the page. The process may take up to 60 seconds to run. Make sure to disable your pop-up blocker on the page: when the process completes, it will try to open a new tab/window, and potentially initiate the PDF download, depending on your browser settings.
  • After you download the PDF, a page with the history of your transcript requests will show up.
  • This page can always be visited without requesting a new transcript by clicking on View All Requested Reports on the main page.
  • The transcript key is available here.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Requesting Your Official Transcript

If you still need to request your official transcript, click on the Academics drop down, then Academic Records, and then Request Official Transcript and you will be taken to the transcript ordering site.