College Summer Activation Request for Registration

Current UChicago undergraduate students must request access to register for courses during the Summer quarter in myUChicago. To request access and register for Summer courses, follow the steps below.

In the Academics menu, navigate to Classes and Registration > Summer Activation Request Form.
Step 1_1.png

On the Self Term Activate page, check the box next to the statement confirming your intent to register and click CONFIRM.
Step 2.png

A message will pop-up confirming that your term activation was successful.  Click the OK button to proceed.
Step 3.png

In the Academics menu, navigate to Classes and Registration > My Classes.
Step 4.png

Change the term in the My Classes drop-down to Summer. You will see a message at the top of the screen indicating online registration is available for you and can start registering for classes.
Step 5_0_0.png

If the registration timeframe has passed, please contact Val Huston at

If you wish to register for a Summer Language Institute graduate-level course, or one that requires instructor consent, please contact