Enrollment Statistics

Student Right to Know Disclosures

The Office of the University Registrar reports the official enrollment and graduation of all University students. Below are items for which the Office of the University Registrar is responsible to report. Publication of much of this information is required by Federal and State compliance laws. The University’s Student Information and Disclosures website, specifies where these items may be located across the University’s various web sites and home pages.

Privacy, Student Records, and FERPA compliance

Pell Grants

Completion/Graduation/Transfer-out Rates (See the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey)

Student Retention Rate (See Part E of the IPEDS Fall Enrollment Survey)

Student Body Diversity (See the IPEDS/IBHE Summary Report)

Enrollment Reports

Quarterly Census Date Enrollment Reports

End-of-Quarter Statistical Report Booklets

Annual IPEDS-Equivalent Submissions to Illinois Board of Higher Education

Annual IPEDS Submissions

Entering College Class Statistics Provided by Office of College Admissions

College Navigator

The U.S. Department of Education requires all Title IV participating Colleges and Universities to annually report enrollment, financial, and administrative information in a common format--called IPEDS. This data is now distributed by the Department on a web site called College Navigator.

Questions? Contact us to request reports and data services not included above.