The Office of the University Registrar certifies the graduation of all candidates for all degrees.  The process includes coordinating the student applications to graduate, validating the completion of all academic and financial requirements, preparing the diplomas, and then distributing the diplomas on the day of Convocation and at other quarterly ceremonies.

The University Registrar will also certify conferred degrees for the National Student Clearinghouse and other agencies.

Financial Obligations

Students are expected to settle all financial obligations to the University, including current quarter tuition and fees, by the end of the eighth week of Summer Quarters and by the end of ninth week of Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters. Should the ninth week of Autumn quarter conclude with the two Thanksgiving holidays, this deadline will be the day before Thanksgiving.

Registration Deadline

After the third week of the quarter in which the student plans to graduate, they must secure approval from the Dean of Students in order to change their registration in any quarter.

Grade Deadlines for Graduating College Students

College students whose academic records show marks of I (Incomplete), W (Withdrawn), or no grade at all in courses attempted prior to the quarter in which they expect to graduate and which are required for the bachelor’s degree, must complete the course work and have a passing grade on record with the University Registrar by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, of the ninth week of the quarter (eighth week in Summer). This deadline also applies to final grades for Bachelor’s papers, essays, and projects regardless of quarter in which the student was enrolled in respective courses.

College students who are registered in the quarter of expected graduation must have final grades for the courses required by their degree programs submitted to the University Registrar by the following deadlines: for Summer, Autumn, and Winter Quarters the deadline is the Tuesday following the end of the Quarter; for Spring Quarters the deadline is the Sunday immediately after the end of the week of final exams, the tenth week of the quarter.

Final Approval for Graduation

College students are given final approval for graduation by the College following receipt of current and prior quarter course grades, and the posting of other requirements, according to the schedule above.

Graduate students are given final approval for graduation by their area Deans of Students, who will report to the University Registrar at least one week before Convocation which of their students are to graduate.  Booth students will receive final approval for graduation following the deadline for final quarter grades.

Students should not be included in these final lists whose completion of all departmental requirements has not been confirmed.