Application to Graduate

As students apply for degrees they are asked to indicate their plans to attend the Spring Convocation at the end of the academic year.  Even if students apply to graduate in a Summer, Autumn, or Winter quarter (with graduation dates in August, December, or March) they are welcome and encouraged to return to the University in June to participate in the Spring Convocation.

Students are also asked for a mailing address for their diplomas, as may be needed.  They are also directed how to provide an audio recording of the pronunciation of their names, which will be referenced by the University officials who will read their names aloud during the Diploma and Hooding Ceremonies associated with Spring Convocation.

Students who expect to receive a degree at the end of a quarter must file a degree application no later than 11:59 PM Saturday (electronically) or 5PM Friday (if by paper) of the first week of the quarter in which they wish to graduate. The application is submitted through my.UChicago (view step by step instructions of the App2Grad process). Booth students should apply through the Booth student portal.

A degree application is valid only for the quarter for which it is made. If the degree is not granted at the end of that quarter, for whatever reason, the student must submit a new degree application form before the deadline for the next quarter in which a degree is expected. A fee of $65 will be charged for each degree application that is cancelled after the end of the fifth week of the quarter in which it is filed.