Grade Deadlines for Graduating College Students

College students whose academic records show marks of I (Incomplete), W (Withdrawn), or no grade at all in courses attempted prior to the quarter in which they expect to graduate and which are required for the bachelor’s degree, must complete the course work and have a passing grade on record with the University Registrar by 3:00 p.m. on Friday of the fifth week of the quarter.

College students who are registered in the quarter of expected graduation must have final grades for the courses required by their degree programs submitted to the University Registrar by the following deadlines: for Summer, Autumn, and Winter Quarters the deadline is the Tuesday following the end of the quarter; for Spring Quarters the deadline is the Sunday immediately after the end of the week of final exams, the tenth week of the quarter.

Quarter specific deadlines can be found on the Grading Deadlines calendar page.