The University of Chicago confers degrees and distributes diplomas at the end of each quarter.  Diplomas are official University documents and bear the seal of the University along with the signatures of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, the President of the University, the Provost, and the respective Dean.

The Application to Graduate requires students to confirm or update the name they wish to appear on their diploma and to indicate a mailing address where the Diploma will be sent if the student is not receiving it in person on the day of graduation.


Receiving the Diploma

Students graduating in the Spring Quarter will receive their Diploma either in person on the day of Convocation, during the Diploma Ceremony or through the mail, as directed by the Division or School.  Mailed diplomas will be delivered via USPS Priority for domestic addresses and via Federal Express for foreign address. Diplomas may be withheld if the student has a financial hold on their account.

Students who graduate in Summer, Autumn, or Winter Quarters are invited to return to the University for the following Spring Convocation as well as participate in the Diploma Ceremony that may be held for their Division or School or, in the case of the College, their designated Houses.  Those returning students should begin looking for information about the June Convocation on the University’s Convocation website sometime in March.  When students apply to graduate as early as the preceding Summer, they can indicate their intention to return for the June Convocation.


Ordering CeDiplomas and Replacement Diplomas

The University also makes available certified PDF copies of diplomas for all graduates from Spring 2017 forward.  For information about this service, please see CeDiplomas.

Graduates who need to obtain certified copies of their diploma should review directions on the Apostille page. Note: CeDiplomas (available for graduates from Spring 2017 forward) may be accepted as a certified diploma in lieu of an Apostille.

If needed, replacement diplomas may be ordered from the Office of the University Registrar.