Registration Dates and Deadlines

Registration Dates and Deadlines - Autumn Quarter 2015

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Registration Dates and Deadlines - Autumn 2015

Quarter Begins Mon., Sept. 28
Convocation Fri., Dec. 11
Quarter Ends Sat., Dec. 12


College Students:  
Resuming following a leave-of-absence or non-degree students Consult Dean of Students Office
Graduate Divisions:  
Biological Sciences (BSLC 104) Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Humanities (Walker 111) Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Institute for Molecular Engineering (Jones 219) Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Physical Sciences (Jones 116) Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Social Sciences (Foster 107) Consult Dean of Students Office
Graduate Schools:  
Business See Booth Schedule
Divinity Consult Dean of Students Office
Law See Law School Schedule
Medicine See Medical School Schedule
Public Policy Studies Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Social Service Administration Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25
Returning Scholars, Graduate Students-at-Large Wed.-Fri., Sept, 23-25
Master of Liberal Arts Program Mon.-Fri., Sept. 21-25


Tuition Due Date Shown on bill
Tuition 2014-2015  
Tuition and Fees due in full for students receiving degrees Wed., Nov. 25

Language Exams

Language Reading Examination:  
Registration deadline for all languages Fri., Oct. 16
Test Dates:  
French Mon., Oct. 26
German Mon., Nov. 2
Spanish Mon., Nov. 9
Other Languages Mon., Nov. 9

Other Deadlines

Degree Application Deadline (except Booth) Fri., Oct. 2
Degree Application Withdrawal without Penalty (except Booth) Fri., Oct. 30
Dissertations (Final) due in Dissertation Office Fri., Nov. 13