Course Schedules

The University Registrar coordinates the creation and ongoing updates to the quarterly course schedules. Departments are required to submit their annual offerings for the entire upcoming academic year by April 1st per the Canonical Policy (2017). The University Registrar enters this information into the Academic Information System (AIS) and works with the academic departments through the spring quarter to finalize course offerings by July 1st. Departments should submit their schedules utilizing the Schedule of Classes template and if necessary, complete the New Instructor Form for any instructor who has not taught at the University. Revisions to upcoming schedules should be directed to Please check the online class schedule to review new course postings, course room assignments, schedule changes, and course cancellations.

Classroom Requests

Requests for specific room accommodations should be submitted by the department administrator in advance of the quarter. Classroom preferences, e.g. same room for back to back classes, should be identified on the quarterly schedules submitted to the University Registrar on April 1. Every effort will be made to accommodate preferred rooms, buildings, etc., but preferred classroom assignments are not guaranteed.