Faculty Access Information

Faculty Access provides online course management tools, including rosters, fast messaging, consent request management, grade entry, and more.

Getting Access

Faculty gain access automatically once they are set up as a course instructor, and they log in using their CNetID and password.  Department administrators submit course and instructor information to the Office of the University Registrar before each quarter.  Keeping teaching plans up-to-date with your administrator is the best way to ensure you can log in to Faculty Access.  Questions can be directed to department administrators or reg-courses@lists.uchicago.edu.


Requests for classroom changes, make-up classes, or general support can be sent to reg-courses@lists.uchicago.eduAcademic Technology Solutions also provides services related to instructional technologies, classrooms, media support and production, and lecture capture.

You may also consult the frequently asked questions below for help navigating Faculty Access.

Where can I find instructions on using Faculty Access?

After logging in, you’ll find a link at the top to “Website Instructions.”

How do I order course materials and textbooks?

After logging in, you’ll find a link at the top to “Book Orders.”  Follow the link to place your orders.

You may also go directly to the websites for the University Bookstore or Seminary Co-Op to place your orders.

How can I opt-in to online consent? How do I manage online consent requests?

You can opt-in to use online consent instead of printed instructor consent forms by following the Consent Requests link in Faculty Access.

In addition, we have detailed instructions on how to Manage the Online Consent process.

Why should I send communications to students via Faculty Access?

The communications functions in Faculty Access were designed with student privacy in mind.  To read more about student privacy, please visit our page on FERPA, Student Educational Records, & Directory Information.

Where can I find information on grade policies at the University of Chicago?

Please review our Grading Procedures and University Grading Policies pages for more information on grade entry at the University of Chicago.

I can't find the course I'm teaching in Faculty Access, what should I do?

Most likely you aren’t set up as the instructor for the course.  Please contact reg-courses@lists.uchicago.edu.