FERPA, Student Educational Records, & Directory Information

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal statute aimed at ensuring student privacy by defining what constitutes a student “educational record” and identifies who can access student records.  Any school receiving federal funding is obligated to abide by FERPA for all of its students. 

As the stewards of the data, the Registrar’s Office is committed to ensuring the privacy of student educational records and adhering to FERPA guidelines.  In this role, we educate our faculty and staff in their obligations in regards to confidentiality and inform students of their rights in regards to their own educational records.   We’ve compiled this page to further these goals.

Basic Overview of FERPA

Frequently Asked Questions on FERPA for students, staff, and parents


If you have questions regarding FERPA or would like to request training, please email us at registrar@uchicago.edu or call us at 773.702.7891.