FERPA Tutorial in Workday

The FERPA tutorial is now available within Workday in the Learning section.

Searching for the FERPA Tutorial in Workday

Once you have logged in to Workday, you will click on Menu in the upper left hand corner of the page and navigate down to “Learning”.Main Menu on the top left and scroll down to learning To search the course, click on Discover and Browse Learning.  You will then be able to search for FERPA to find the course. Discover on the left hand navigation and Browse Learning in the center of the page

Enrolling in the FERPA Tutorial

Once you have navigated to the course, on the right hand side, there will be a button where you will need to “Select Offering”.

Select Offering button on the far right under the image

From here, you will continue through the process of selecting the offering  and clicking OK and then review the offering on the next page and click Submit. 

Select the offering and click the OK button

Review Page and click on Submit

You will receive a confirmation message that you have submitted the registration properly and you will need to click “Done”.

Clicking the Done button on the bottom left

You can then click on “Start Course”

Start Course button on the right hand side under the image

Proof of Successful Completion of FERPA Tutorial

Upon completing the FERPA tutorial course, you will receive a confirmation page with your final score.  Please keep in mind that we consider an 80% a passing grade.  

Pass Confirmation image with score on the right hand side

Once you have completed all three lessons of the offering, you will receive another confirmation page with your overall course results.  You can use this confirmation page as proof that you have completed and passed the tutorial.

Confirmation Page after all 3 lessons are completed

In addition, you can pull up a copy of your Learning Transcript to share with others to show proof of completion.  To navigate to this page, you will click on My Learning and then click on View Your Learning Transcript.

Use the icons on the top right hand corner to download your transcript

On the Learning History page, you can click on the PDF or Excel icon found in the upper right hand corner to download a copy of your transcript.  Please be sure to disable any pop-up blockers.

Use the icons on the top right hand corner to download your transcript

Assigning FERPA Tutorial to Employees
Currently, this functionality is only available to individuals who have direct reports.  Based on the information received through Workday, a supervisor may assign the tutorial to the individuals they manage.  Once you have pulled up the course (Searching for the FERPA Tutorial in Workday above), you will see the option to “Enroll My Team” on the bottom right hand side of the tutorial.

Enroll My Team button on the bottom right hand corner

You will then be required to select the Offering and click OK.

Select Offering and click OK on the bottom left
The next page will give you a list of individuals that you supervise.  You can assign the tutorial to one or more individuals in your list.  It is recommended that you assign the course as a “Required Learning” and you can enter in a “Due Date” if needed.  Once complete, click on Submit.  The individual will receive an email with instructions.

Determine with a radio dial if assignment is required, set an optional due date, and click Submit on the bottom left
Accessing Grades and Progress for Direct Supervisors

For supervisors who have assigned the FERPA tutorial to their direct reports, they will have the ability to pull up those team members grades and progress within Workday.  You can navigate to Menu>Learning>My Team’s Learning.  This will launch a report where you can view the necessary information.

Access Menu, navigate to Learning, and then view My Teams Learning in the left hand navigation menu