Grading Procedures

Grade Entry


Faculty Access allows you to access class lists, grade rosters, Fast Message, and photo roster requests. You can also change grades (with some restrictions) and assign grading proxies. You must use your CNetID and password and be listed in the Time Schedules as an instructor for a course to access this information.

If you are not listed in Faculty Access as the instructor for a class you are teaching, please contact us at If you have questions about services provided through Faculty Access, please contact us at


Instructors should access grade rosters and submit final grades electronically via Faculty Access (  Instructors can designate a proxy grader who can enter and save grades but cannot submit grades for each course.  Only the instructor-of-record may submit or change grades.

Instructors will select the final grade to be assigned to the student from a drop-down box. The list of grades in each drop-down box contains only those grades that are available to the students based upon his/her enrollment status in the section and respective grade policy.


The preferred method for receiving grades is Faculty Access (; however, the University Registrar will accept paper grade rosters when necessary.  Instructors can print their grade roster from Faculty Access and, once completed and signed, submit it to the Registrar’s Office in the Press Building, 1427 E 60th Street, or via fax at 773-702-3562.


The end of the quarter for Autumn, Winter, and Spring is the Saturday of the 11th week.  The end of the Summer Quarter is the Saturday of the 10th week.  Degree conferral takes place on the Friday of the 11th week in the Autumn and Winter Quarters, the Friday of 10th week in Summer Quarter, and the Saturday of the 11th week in the Spring Quarter.

Grades for graduating students must be submitted online by 11:59PM the Saturday one week before awarding of degrees. (If submitting a paper grade sheet, the deadline is 3:00PM on the Friday one week before awarding of degrees) 

All other final grades must be submitted to the University Registrar the Tuesday following the end of Winter and Spring Quarters and the Wednesday following the end of Summer and Autumn Quarters.


College students cannot have their grades changed once they graduate.

For graduate students who have graduated, or for students who have otherwise permanently left the University, or for any changes in grades that result in a “lower” grade, the Registrar will routinely redirect the changes to the student’s Area Dean of Students for authorization or confirmation before processing.


The cumulative GPA’s of current and recent (matriculating since 1994) College students are posted on transcripts. These College GPA’s also appear on the myUChicago portal (  

The GPA’s of Law Students who have graduated from the Law School are also posted on transcripts.

Students can request a certification of their GPA from the Registrar, separate or enclosed with a transcript.

All current students have GPA’s in the my.UChicago student portal, but with the above exceptions they are not published, either individually, grouped, or averaged, in any University publication or statistical report. This is a long-standing practice. Questions about GPA’s of the students in any Division or School should be directed to its Area Dean of Students.

Honors awarded with degrees may utilize individual student GPA’s. For example, the award of General Honors with the Bachelors Degree is based on a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher. Dean’s List in the College is also based, in part, on GPA as of the end of a Spring Quarter. Although the related Honor or Award may appear in publications and on transcripts, the corresponding GPA of the student will not.

The Registrar considers the GPA to be among the most confidential and secure data elements associated with a student’s records.



All students can check their grades on-line at any time, day or night, either for the most recent quarter or their entire academic history (transcript) via the myUChicago portal (