The Registrar considers the GPA to be among the most confidential and secure data elements associated with a student’s records. All current students have GPA’s in my.UChicago, but with the exceptions below, they are not published either individually, grouped, or averaged, in any University publication or statistical report. This is a long-standing practice.

The College: The cumulative GPA’s of current and recent (matriculating since 1994) College students are posted on transcripts. College GPA’s also appear in my.UChicago. Honors awarded with degrees may utilize individual student GPA’s. Dean’s List in the College is also based, in part, on GPA as of the end of a Spring Quarter. Although the related Honor or Award may appear in publications and on transcripts, the corresponding GPA of the student will not.

The Law School: The GPA’s of Law Students who have graduated from the Law School are posted on final transcripts.

Graduate Divisions and Professional Schools (except Law): GPA’s do not appear on transcripts. Questions about GPA’s of the students in any Division or School should be directed to its Area Dean of Students. GPA’s appear in my.UChicago (except for Booth).

All students can request a certification of their GPA from the Registrar, separate or enclosed with a transcript.