Buildings Directory


Building Name and Address
1155 1155 E 60th St
 A  Anatomy Building, 1025 E 57th St.
 AB  Abbott Memorial Hall, 947-51 E. 58th St.
 ACC  Accelerator Building, 5604-20 S. Ellis Ave.
 AH  Argonne Cancer Research Hospital, See FMI
 ALAB  W.C. Allee Laboratory of Animal Behavior, 940 E. 57th St.
 AMB  Albert Merritt Billings Hospital, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 ANL  Argonne National Laboratory, 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne, IL 60439
 ARR  To be arranged; contact department or see notes for meeting information
 ART INT  Art Institute of Chicago, 111 S. Michigan Ave. (60603)
 B455  Booth 455, 455 N Cityfront Plaza Drive
 BG  Bartlett Commons, 5640 S. University Ave.
 BH A  Billings, Central Corridor, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 BH E  Billings, East Wing (Armour Clinical Research Building)
 BH H  Billings, Goldblatt Pavilion
 BH M  Billings, Medical Corridor
 BH N  Billings, North Wing
 BH O  Billings, Orthopedic Corridor
 BH P  Billings, Pathology Wing
 BH Q  Billings, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Corridor
 BH S  Billings, Surgery Corridor
 BH W  Billings, West Wing
 BSLC  Biological Sciences Learning Center, 924 E. 57th St.
 B-J  Burton-Judson Courts, 1005 E. 60th St.
 BL  Emmons Blaine Hall, 1362 E. 59th St.
 BMI  Ben May Institute, 950 E. 59th St.
 BPSB  Bio-Psychological Research Building, 940 E. 57th Street
 BRH  Bob Roberts Institute, 920 E. 59th St.
 C  Cobb Lecture Hall, 5811-27 S. Ellis Ave.
 CAF  A.J. Carlson Animal Research Facility, 950 E. 59th St.
 CH  Culver Hall, 1025 E. 57th St.
 CHAP  Chapin Hall, 1313 E. 60th St.
 CL  Classics Building-Hiram Kelly Memorial, 1010 E. 59th St.
 CLI  Chicago Lying-In Hospital, 5815 S. Maryland Ave.
 CLSC  Cummings Life Science Center, 920 E. 58th St.
 CNRC  Campus North Residential Commons, 5500 South University Avenue
 CTS  Chicago Theological Seminary, 1407 E. 60th Street
 CWAC  Cochrane-Woods Art Center, 5540 S. Greenwood Ave.
 DASM  David and Alfred Smart Museum, 5550 S. Greenwood Ave.

 Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine, 5758 S Maryland Ave.

 DDH  Dora De Lee Hall, CLI, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 DRF  David Rubenstein Forum, 1201 E 60th St
 E  Eckhart Hall, 1118-32 E. 58th St.
 EBC  Ida B. and Walter Erman Biology Center, 1103 E. 57th St.
 ED  Edelstone Center, 6030 S. Ellis Ave.
 EHN  Northshore University Health System, 2650 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL 60201
 ERC  William Eckhardt Research Center, 5640 South Ellis Avenue Chicago
 ERL  Eye Research Laboratories, 939 E. 57th St.
 F  Foster Hall, 1130 E. 59th St.
 FMI  Franklin McLean Memorial Research Institute, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 FMNH  Field Museum of Natural History, 1400 S. Lake Shore Dr. (60605)
 G-B  Gates-Blake Halls, 5845 S. Ellis Ave.
 GHJ  George Herbert Jones Laboratory, 5747 S. Ellis Ave.
 GC  Gleacher Center, 450 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive (60611)
 GCIS  Gordon Center for Integrative Science, 929 E. 57th St.
 GMH  Nathan Goldblatt Memorial Hospital, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 GO H  Goodspeed Hall, 1010 E. 59th St
 GSRP  Ctrs for Gender Studies and Race, Politics, & Culture, 5733 S. University Ave.
 H  Haskell Hall, 5836-46 S. Greenwood Ave.
 HC  The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Charles M. Harper Center, 5807 S. Woodlawn Ave.
 HCFH  Henry Crown Field House, 5550 S. University Ave.
 HEP  High Energy Physics, 935 E. 56th St.
 HF  Hoffman House, 5740-50 S. Woodlawn Ave.
 HGS  Henry Hinds Laboratory for the Geophysical Sciences, 5734 S. Ellis Ave.
 HHB  Henry Holmes Belfield Hall, 5815-23 S. Kimbark Ave.
 HHMI  Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 HM  William Rainey Harper Memorial Library, 1116 E. 59th St.
 ICR  Institute for Computer Research, 5630 S. Ellis Ave.
 IFK  Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, 5737 S. University Ave.
 ING  Ingleside Hall, 956-60 E. 58th St.
 INH  Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th St.
 INT  International House, 1414 E. 59th St.
 J  Charles Hubbard Judd Hall, 5835 S. Kimbark Ave.
 JCL  John Crerar Library, 5730 S. Ellis Ave.
 JRL  Joseph Regenstein Library, 1100 E. 57th St.
 K  Kent Chemical Laboratory, 1020 E. 58th St.
 KCBD  Knapp Center for Biomedical Discovery, 900 E. 57th St.
 KPTC  Kersten Physics Teaching Center, 5720 S. Ellis Ave.
 L  Lillie House, 5801 S. Kenwood Ave.
 LBQ  Laird Bell Quadrangle, 1111 E. 60th St.
 LC  Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, 915 E. 60th St.
 LCT  Logan Center Tent, 915 E. 60th St.
 LGH  Lutheran General Hospital, 1775 Dempster St., Park Ridge, IL 60068
 LH  Levi Hall, 5801 S. Ellis Ave.
 LARA  La Rabida Children’s Hospital & Research Center, E. 65th St. at Lake Michigan
 M  Midway Studios, 929 E. 60th St.
 MARP  Mother’s Aid Research Pavilion, CLI, 5815 S. Maryland Ave.
 MH  Bernard Mitchell Hospital, 5815 S. Maryland Ave.
 MG  McGiffert House, 5751 South Woodlawn Ave.
 MKL  Marjorie B. Kovler Viral Oncology Laboratories, 910 E. 58th St.
 M/L  Meadville/Lombard Theological School, 5701 S. Woodlawn Ave.
 MRH  Michael Reese Hospital, 2929 S. Ellis Ave.
 MS  MS  Math-Stat Building, 5727 S. University Ave.
 MSI  Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive
 NBL  Newberry Library, 60 W. Walton St. (60610)
 NORC  National Opinion Research Center, 1155 E. 60th St.
 OFF  Off Campus.  Contact department or see notes for meeting information.
 OL  Olin Center, Foster 505, 1130 E. 59th St.
 OR Institute for the Study of Ancient Cultures, 1155 E. 58th St.
 OSC  Ogburn/Stouffer Center for the Study of Population & Social Organization, 1155 E. 60th St.
 P  Albert Pick Hall for International Studies, 5828 S. University Ave.
 PLA  University Press Business Office, 11030 S. Langley Ave.
 PR  Press Building, 1427 E. 60th St.
 PSY B  Psychology Beecher Hall, 5848 S. University
 PSY G  Psychology Green Hall, 5848 S. University
 PSY K  Psychology, Kelly Hall, 5848 S. University
 Q  Quadrangle Club, 1155 E. 57th St.
 RAC  Gerald Ratner Athletic Center, 5530 S. Ellis Ave.
 RC  Reynolds Club, 5706 S. University Ave.
 RH  Robie House, 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave.
 RI A  Research Institute-Annex, 940 E. 57th St.
 RI L  Research Institute, Low Temperature Laboratories, 5641 S. Ingleside Ave.
 RMC  Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, 5850 S. Woodlawn Ave.
 RO  Rosenwald Hall, 1101-11 E. 58th St.
 RU  Arthur Rubloff Intensive Care Tower, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 RY  Ryerson Physical Laboratory, 1100-14 E. 58th St.
 S  Swift Hall, 1025-35 E. 58th St.
 SBRI  Surgery Brain Research Institutes, 5812 S. Ellis Ave.
 SCL  Searle Chemistry Laboratory, 5735 S. Ellis Ave.
 SHFE  Saieh Hall for Economics, 5757 S. University Ave.
 SS  Social Sciences Research Building, 1126 E. 59th St.
 SSA  Abbott Hall, 969 E. 60th St.
 SSC  Social Services Center, 950 E. 61st St.
 STU  Harold Leonard Stuart Hall, 5835 S. Greenwood Ave.
 TAAC  Temporary Astronomy & Astro Physics Center, 5607 S. Drexel Ave.
 TH  Lorado Taft House, 935 E. 60th St.
 TTI  Toyota Technical Institute at Chicago, 6045 S. Kenwood Ave.
 UCH  University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics
 UH  University High School, 5840 S. Kenwood Ave.
 W  Walker Museum, 1115-25 E. 58th St.
 WMH  Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, 4646 N. Marine Dr., Chicago
 WB  Wieboldt Hall, 1050 E 59th St.
 WBH  William Benton House, 5737 S. University Ave.
 WCH  Silvain & Arma Wyler Children’s Hospital, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.
 WH  Whitman Laboratory, 915 E. 57th St.
 WMC  Woodlawn Maternal & Child Health Center, 950 E. 61st St.
 WR  Wilder House, 5811 S. Kenwood Ave.
 Y  Young Memorial Building, 5555 S. Ellis Ave.
 Z  Zoology Building, 1101 E. 57th St.
 ZDC  Walter Zoller Memorial Dental Clinic, 5841 S. Maryland Ave.