UChicago College Course Evaluations

The College and University Registrar have implemented a new application to support the quarterly course evaluation process. This tool will provide an improved user interface, more flexibility for building evaluations, and ultimately provide better reporting functionality.  Faculty are able to the course evaluation tool through Faculty Access.

Faculty members have the ability to add customized questions or to opt-out of the evaluation process through published deadlines. If you choose to use the standard evaluation, you do not need to take any action on your course evaluation tasks.

Accessing College Course Evaluation Reports

How can I access the College Course Evaluation Reports?

To access the College Course Evaluation Reports, you will want to navigate to https://evaluations.uchicago.edu/

Setting up my Quarterly College Course Evaluations

How can I access the Course Evaluation Tool?

As a faculty member, you will need to log-in to Faculty Access and click on “Course Evaluations” at the top of the page.

How do I review my Course Evaluation tasks?

During the 7th week of the academic quarter, the Office of the Registrar will send an email to the faculty teaching courses in The College to inform them that they can review the tasks that are associated with the courses that will be evaluated for that quarter.   When you log-in to the course evaluation tool, you will see a two tasks for each course in which you are teaching. 

Some commonly used functionality within the evaluation tool is using the search field to filter your tasks, sorting  your tasks by Name, Status, etc, and you can determine which item remain “open” by viewing the status for each task.


How do I add customized questions to my evaluation?

Click on the “Add Customized Questions” task for the course.

Once you are in the task, you can follow the instructions on the page to add up to four customized questions.

Can I copy my customized questions to or from my other evaluations?

Customized questions can be copied “to” or “from” the courses that you are teaching within the same quarter.  To access the copy function, click on the Add customized questions task from the task homepage.

You will have the option to “Copy To” or “Copy From” another course.  After making this selection, you can click on the drop down menu to view the courses that you are teaching for that quarter.  You have option to either select “All” or you can individually select the courses for which you wish to copy questions.  Once Complete, you can click on Copy & Submit.

How do I preview my course evaluation questionniare?

Click on the “Add Customized Questions” task for the course.

Once you are in the task, you can click on Preview Questionnaire

How do I opt-out of the course evaluation process?

If you wish to opt-out of the course evaluation process, you will need to click on the “Opt out of evaluations” task for the course.

Once you are in the task, you can toggle the default status of Opted In to Opt Out.  Once complete, click Finalize in the top right hand corner.  Once you opt out, your task for adding customized questions will disappear from your task list.