Grading Systems

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Quality Grades

Grade  College & Graduate  Business  Law
A+ 4.0 4.33  
A 4.0 4.0 186-180
A- 3.7 3.67  
B+ 3.3 3.33  
B 3.0 3.0 179-174
B- 2.7 2.67  
C+ 2.3 2.33  
C 2.0 2.0 173-168
C- 1.7 1.67  
D+ 1.3 1.33  
D 1 1 167-160
F 0 0 159-155


Effective Start Dates of Plus/Minus Grading System

Division/School Quarter
Social Service Administration  Autumn 1977   
Public Policy Studies  Autumn 1983 
Divinity  Autumn 1983 
College (undergraduate)  Summer 1984 
Graduate Library School  Spring 1986 
Graduate Humanities  Autumn 1986 
Graduate Social Sciences  Autumn 1986 
Graduate Physical Sciences  Summer 1988 
Business  Autumn 2006 
Graduate Biological Sciences Autumn 2011


Non-Quality Grades

Grade  Description
I Incomplete: Not yet submitted all evidence for final grade. Where the mark I is changed to a quality grade, the change is reflected by a quality grade following the mark I, (e.g. IA or IB).
IP Pass (non-Law): Mark of I changed to P (Pass). See Law IP notation. 
NGR No Grade Reported: No final grade submitted
P Pass: Sufficient evidence to receive a passing grade. May be the only grade given in some courses. 
Q Query: No final grade submitted (College only)
R Registered: Registered to audit the course 
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory
UW Unofficial Withdrawal
W Withdrawal: Does not affect the GPA calculation
  Blank: If no grade is reported after a course, none was available at the time the transcript was prepared. 


Examination Grades

Grade  Description
H Honors Quality 
P*   High Pass
P Pass