Transcripts – Frequently Asked Questions

For other transcript-related questions please contact Parchment at 844-359-6598 or view the Parchment FAQ page. Please note: the current quarter classes do not display on the transcript until the quarter is complete.

Ordering Transcripts

I need a form attached to my official transcript. Can I still place an order online?

Yes. You may place your order online for paper and electronic transcripts and attach a document to your request when placing the order.

When selecting the “Official Transcript – Pick-Up” option. Make sure to write in the “Special Instructions” section when a document needs to be attached or when requesting a transcript for Apostille. You can then email the form to, fax the form to 773.702.3562, or mail/drop-off the form with a note that it is for a transcript order to 1427 E. 60th Street, Chicago IL 60637.

Can I order a transcript if I have a restriction on my account?

All students and alumni who have access to my.UChicago should check the “My Alerts” portlet for more information and resolve the restriction before placing orders. Alumni without access to my.UChicago can contact the Registrar’s Office at or 773-702-7891 for details on their restrictions.

What is the fastest way to get my transcript?

If you attended the University after Autumn 1979, then the fastest way to get your transcript is to order an electronic transcript. (Please ensure that your intended recipient will accept an electronic transcript before ordering.)

If you attended prior to Autumn 1979, you will select “Paper Transcript (Official).” For expedited shipping, you can select the “FedEx” delivery method for an additional fee.

Can I place an order without going through the online system?

The online ordering system is our preferred method of ordering. For further questions, please email

When will I be charged for my online order?

Lifetime Transcript Fees are charged immediately once the online transaction is complete. Individual charges for transcripts are posted to your credit card only after each order is processed.

Where can I get an unofficial copy of my transcript?

If you have access to my.UChicago, you will be able to view and print your unofficial transcript. Additionally, if you attended the University starting in Autumn 1979 or later, then you can order an electronic transcript for yourself, download or save it, and print, scan, and/or upload it as an unofficial transcript.

I only want to send a transcript of my graduate coursework. Can I place an order for only part of my transcript?

If you attended law school or medical school at the University of Chicago, you may order a “law transcript” or a “medical transcript.”  Law transcripts only contain coursework done in law school, and medical transcripts only contain medical coursework.  All other transcript orders must be fulfilled as “complete transcript” orders.  If you attended the University of Chicago for more than one degree program, all coursework will appear on your official transcript.  Complete transcripts cannot be modified to show only part of your academic record.

Can I have a friend or family member pick up my transcript from the Office of the Registrar?

If you select “Pick-Up” as your delivery method, you may give permission to have a friend or family member pick up your transcript by submitting a signed letter to the Office of the Registrar that states the full name of the person picking up the transcript.  That letter can be scanned and emailed to, faxed to 773-702-3562, or mailed/dropped off to 1427 E. 60th Street, Chicago, IL, 60637.  A hand signature must be on the letter for our office to release your transcript.

I received an email stating that my transcript order was “delivered,” but I haven’t received it in the mail. What does the “delivered” mean?

“Delivered” means that your order has been fully processed and put in the mail or is ready for pick-up.  If you are having the transcript mailed, it will take several days to receive the transcript after you receive the delivery email.

When creating an account in Parchment, I received the following error message: “Our system already has a record of that email address – please try logging in with that email address. If you do not use that address any longer you can correct it in the My Account area.” What should I do?

Parchment will not allow more than one account to be tied to a specific email address.  If you still use the email address, you can try using the “Forgot Password” link on the Parchment home page.  If you originally logged into Parchment through my.UChicago, but no longer have an active CNetID, then the “Forgot Password” link will not work.  In this case, you can create a new account using another email address.  If you need to use the email address that is linked to your old Parchment account, and you previously accessed Parchment through myUChicago, then please contact us at or 773-702-7891.

Electronic Transcripts

What is an electronic transcript and how does it work?

An electronic transcript is a certified PDF version of your official transcript. Recipients of the transcript receive an e-mail with instructions on how to retrieve the secure document from the transcript ordering site. Please note: The electronic transcript is available for up to seven downloads or 30 calendar days from the day the order was placed before it expires and can no longer be retrieved.

How can I tell the electronic transcript I received is authentic?

An electronic transcript is a certified PDF version of your official transcript. Please review the page on how to authenticate an electronic transcript.

What information do I need when ordering an electronic transcript?

You will need the email address of the recipient. While many schools, institutions, and organizations will accept electronic transcripts, it is best to check with your intended recipient before placing the order.

I sent an electronic transcript to the wrong address. Can you update the email address so that the order goes to a different email address?

If an electronic transcript has already been delivered to the recipient, then the email address cannot be updated for that order.  A new order will need to be placed in order to have it sent to a different email address.

How do I get the passcode to download my electronic transcript?

You will receive an email with a link to the secure site where you can download your transcript. Once you have clicked on the link and been directed to the download site, you will need to click on the “Next” button to trigger a second email which will include the passcode.

I attended the University before Autumn of 1979. Can I order an electronic transcript?

No. Electronic transcripts are only available for former students who first attended the University in Autumn 1979 or later. Even if you graduated and then entered a separate degree program after Autumn 1979, your transcript must be produced in paper format.

Lifetime Transcript Fee

I paid for the Lifetime Transcript Fee but never received my transcript. What should I do?

Paying for the Lifetime Transcript Fee (LTF) online is separate from ordering a transcript. Once you have paid for the LTF, you will need to log back in to the online ordering system and place a separate order for your transcript.

Why isn't the Lifetime Transcript Fee showing on my account?

Please contact us at or 773-702-7891.

Transcript Notations

I am a graduating student. When will my degree be posted on my transcript?

You should wait until the Tuesday after Convocation to order transcripts to ensure that your degree and/or honors are posted to your record.

How can I make sure my grades are posted before I order a transcript?

You can verify that your grades have been posted by logging on to my.UChicago and clicking on “Academic History.”

What do certain notations mean on my transcript?

Click to view the transcript key included with each official transcript.

Will my GPA appear on my transcript? If not, how can I calculate it?

Cumulative GPA will appear on most undergraduate transcripts.  Cumulative GPA won’t appear on graduate transcripts.  Calculating your own GPA can be done by using the directions below and the transcript key.

Step 1

For all quality grades (A-F), add up the point value given on the grading system chart in the transcript key, based on the number of units for the course.  For 100 unit courses, the value will be the point value listed on the chart.  For courses under 100 units, reduce the points proportionally.  For courses above 100 units, increase the points proportionally.  Do not count courses with non-quality grades (R, P, I, NGR, etc.)

Example A


Units Grade Calculation Points
Course 1 100 A 4 x 1 4.0
Course 2 100 B 3 x 1 3.0
Course 3 100 C 2 x 1 2.0
Course 4 100 B+ 3.3 x 1 3.3
Example B
Courses Units Grade Calculation Points
Course 5 50 A 4 x 0.5 2.0
Course 6 200 B 3 x 2 6.0
Course 7 150 B- 2.7 x 1.5 4.05

Step 2

Once you’ve assigned the appropriate amount of points per course, add up the units for all courses taken.   Now divide the number of units by 100.  Again, leave out any courses with non-quality grades.  The examples above would work out as follows:

  • Example A: (100 + 100 + 100 + 100) / 100 = 4
  • Example B: (50 + 200 + 150) / 100 = 4

Step 3

Add up all the grade points for all courses with quality grades:

  • Example A: 4 + 3 + 2 + 3.3 = 12.3
  • Example B: 2 + 6 + 4.05 = 12.05

Step 4

Divide the number of grade points by your units calculation to get your GPA:

  • Example A GPA: 12.3 / 4 = 3.075
  • Example B GPA: 12.05 / 4 = 3.016

Note on Law School GPA

Law school transcripts do generally contain a GPA so long as a degree was awarded.  Calculating law school GPA is more complicated, and it is recommended that you contact the Law School Registrar at for assistance.