Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

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Invoking FERPA

If you do not wish information about your enrollment status and degrees released to third parties, go to my.UChicago to establish your FERPA privacy status. A privacy option set while attending the University will remain on your record even when you stop attending or graduate from the University. Alumni and former students who would like to remove their FERPA hold so that a third party can receive enrollment/degree information, should update their privacy settings in my.UChicago. Those that do not have access to my.UChicago should contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Graduate and professional school students may request that all of their information be withheld through the “My Information” pagelet within myUChicago. In the College, students can request to have all of their information withheld by completing a form available in the office of the Dean of Students in the College. The University may use information which the student has directed be withheld from public release for internal purposes or per exceptions provided by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Students should be aware that by instructing the University to withhold this information the University and every University official will be unable to confirm any information about a student’s attendance at the University, including the student’s enrollment status, program or degree confirmation, years of attendance or graduation, etc. The student’s name will also not appear in any University published material with the exception of degree program publications. Because this may have serious consequences for a student’s ability to seek employment or graduate opportunities, students should consider carefully withholding this information. A student with questions about this should direct those questions to the student’s area Dean of Students.

For more information about the University’s interpretation of and compliance with FERPA, please refer to the Student Manual.