Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

On the My Profile page, there is a pagelet displaying the following message if there is no SSN or ITIN for you on record.  You can click the “Edit” button to provide your SSN or ITIN. Chicago Booth School of Business students can contact the Booth Registrar’s Office to update their SSN or ITIN.

Screenshot of no SSN or ITIN on record.
Next, you will need to enter a valid 9-digit number and click save to submit the update.  

SSN Fields to update

If an incorrectly formatted number is provided, an error message will appear.  

SSN Format Error

The following error message will appear if there is an issue with the number submitted, such as matching an existing number in the system.

SSN General Error

If the save is successful, the following message will appear.

SSN Saved Succesfully

Back on the My Profile page, a confirmation page (without access to edit) will appear on the pagelet.  

Screenshot of existing SSN or ITIN number on record.