College Pre-Registration FAQs

For help with using Pre-Registration, see the College Pre-Registration Reference Guide.

What is Pre-Registration?

 What is Pre-Registration Resolution?

How will I know my enrollments for next quarter are confirmed?

Why did I not get my top ranked courses?

Must I participate in Pre-Registration?

What if I have logged in but do not have time to finish my course rankings?

Who should I contact with questions before, during, or after I access Pre-Registration?

Why am I unable to select laboratory or other required course components?

Will I be registered in courses that require consent of the instructor?

Will I be registered in courses that have prerequisites?

Where can I find course capacity or enrollment figures for a particular course?

What if I get into a section of a course that causes a schedule conflict?

When and how will I know the outcome of my Pre-Registration requests?

If I decide I don't want theses courses, when can I change my registration?

What if I can't find a course in Pre-Registration?

Why can't I access Pre-Registration?

What are common error messages shown for registration?