Adding and Dropping Courses

Beginning the Monday after course resolution completes for Autumn Quarter registration, and the Monday after finals week for Winter and Spring registration, students may drop or add classes to their schedules via Students may add courses online until the end of Week 1 of the new quarter and through instructor consent until the end of Week 3; drops may be made online until the end of Week 3.

During the “add” period, students may add courses for which they meet the prerequisites that have not reached preset seat limits and that do not require instructor consent. Online add/drop is processed in real-time, and works on a first-come, first-served basis. Courses may open or close instantaneously. The system does not permit students to be registered for more than 4 courses at once, nor does it allow students to register for courses that have time conflicts.

Courses may be dropped in the same manner until the end of Week 3. Drops made in sequence courses cancel the remainder of that sequence. Students may not drop below 3 classes per quarter.