First Year Incoming Registration

Incoming first year students register for their first quarter of courses during First Year Pre-Registration. For each subsequent quarter, the Continuing Student Registration process below is followed. For further information about first year registration please visit The College New Student Advising page.

Continuing Student Registration

Continuing degree-seeking students are registered for courses in one of four ways: through Auto Enrollment, Pre-Registration, during the “add/drop” period, or via Instructor ConsentFor further information about summer courses, which follow a different process, visit the Summer Session Registration and Housing page.

Event When it happens What you do
Pre-Registration Week 7, Mon.- Fri. 9AM–5PM Select & rank courses
Pre-Registration Results Week After Finals View Results
Online Add Week After Finals, 9AM–Fri. Week 1, 5PM Add courses online
Add via Instructor Consent Week after Finals, 9AM – Fri Week 3, 4:30 PM Request instructor consent via form
Online Drop Week After Finals, 9AM–Fri. Week 3, 5PM Drop courses online