Pre-Registration for New Incoming Students (Autumn Quarter)

Incoming first year students register for their first quarter of courses during First Year Pre-Registration process which occurs over the summer. Students select and rank their preferred courses and an algorithm is run in the registration system to maximize their top choices based on several factors, including seat availability, to create the student’s schedule.

Pre-Registration Reference Guides for Continuing Students

Pre-Registration FAQ’s for Continuing Students

Accessing Pre-Registration
Navigate to my.UChicago and log-in using your CNetID and Password.  Click on the “My Classes” button to Pre-Register for classes.

Searching for Classes
Select the corresponding registration quarter to initiate the class search.

Enter a “Value” in the Search Box and click the magnifying glass. Use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow the search results by: Department, Instructor, Course Career, Course Attribute, or Days.

Searching by Department…

Searching by Instructor…

Searching by Course Career…

Using Attributes
An Attribute is used to identify courses that meet a specific criteria.

  • College Core Requirement: Courses that meet College Core curriculum requirements. Narrow results further by one of eight attribute values.
    • College Biological Sciences Core
    • College Civilization Studies Core
    • College Dramatic/Musical/Visual Arts Core
    • College Humanities Core Requirement
    • College Natural Sciences Core
    • College Physical Sciences Core
    • College Quantitative (Math/Stat) Core
    • College Social Sciences Core

  • Pre-Registration Eligible: Courses eligible for Pre-Registration


Selecting Classes for Pre-Registration
Click  the “Pre-Reg” button next to the desired class.

The My Pre-Registration counter increases as courses are selected.

Click on My Pre-Registration tab to view a list of all pre-registered classes.

Viewing Details of a Class

Click the course box to view details of a class. Details include the course description, number of seats, instructors, feedback, additional notes, prerequisites, crosslisted courses, etc.

Viewing Crosslisted Courses
Cross-listed course details will appear at the bottom of the page. Use the drop-down to switch between cross-listed courses.

Ranking Classes
Rank classes in order of preference (1=most desired, 10=least), up to ten classes.

Use the drop down to change the rank position of a class.
In the example below, MATH 11200 is being changed from ranking #2 to #4.

The new rank is automatically saved.
MATH 11200 has been updated to ranking #4 and all other classes have been adjusted.

Removing Pre-Registered Classes
Click the “Remove” button to remove a class from the My Pre-Registration list.


Dropping Auto-Enrolled Classes
Click the “Drop” button to remove an auto-enrolled class.