Academic Status and Program of Study

The quarterly entries of academic work on students’ records include academic statuses and programs of study. The Program of Study in which students are enrolled is listed along with the quarter they commenced enrollment in them at the beginning of the transcript. The definition of academic status follows:

Bi-Registrants: Students registered in the Divinity School of The University of Chicago and in a cooperative Hyde Park Theological School
Doctoral: Students enrolled in D.Comp.L., J.S.D., or Ph.D. degree
Exchange Scholar: Students who are degree candidates at another university, who, by formal arrangement, are registered pro forma at The University of Chicago
Laboratory Schools: Students who are registered pro forma in the College but who are enrolled as students in the Laboratory Schools of the University as secondary school students
Master’s/Professional: Students enrolled in programs leading to a master’s or professional degree (J.D., M.Div.)
Returning Scholars: Students who are registered through the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies and are not candidates for a degree
Special Summer: Students who are registered in a Summer Quarter in credit courses but not candidates for a degree
Students-at-large: Students who are not candidates for a degree
Undergraduate: Students in a program leading to a baccalaureate degree

Work taken as a Student-at-large or Special Summer Student normally does not apply toward a degree program at The University of Chicago. However, such courses become available for academic credit if a student is later admitted to an approved degree program at The University of Chicago. Effective Autumn 1989 courses taken by Returning Scholars may not be applied toward a degree nor will quality grades be assigned.