Authority for recommending the awarding of degrees is vested in the academic units. The University currently awards the following degrees:

Degrees Offered
Degree Name Abbreviation
Bachelor of Arts  B.A.
Bachelor of Science  B.S.
International Master of Business Administration  I.M.B.A.
Master of Arts  M.A.
Master of Arts in Teaching  M.A.T.
Master of Business Administration  M.B.A.
Master of Comparative Law  M.Comp.L.
Master of Divinity  M.Div.
Master of Fine Arts  M.F.A.
Master of Laws  LL.M.
Master of Legal Studies  M.L.S
Master of Liberal Arts  M.L.A.
Master of Public Policy  M.P.P.
Master of Science  M.S.
Doctor of Comparative Law  D.Comp.L.
Doctor of Jurisprudence  J.S.D.
Doctor of Law   J.D.
Doctor of Medicine   M.D.
Doctor of Philosophy  Ph.D.

Degrees which the University has offered during its history for which programs no longer exist may appear on transcripts of older records.