Transcript Key for Academic Records

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Law School Key

The credit hour is the measure of credit at the Law School.  University courses of 100 Units not taught through the Law School are comparable to 3 credit hours at the Law School, unless otherwise specified.

The Frequency of Honors in a typical graduating class:

Highest Honors (182+)                                      0.5%
High Honors (180.5+) (pre-2002 180+)           7.2%
Honors (179+) (pre-2002 178+)                      22.7%

Pass/Fail and letter grades are awarded primarily for non-law courses. Non-law grades are not calculated into the law GPA.

P** indicates that a student has successfully completed the course but technical difficulties, not attributable to the student, interfered with the grading process.

IP (In Progress) indicates that a grade was not available at the time the transcript was printed.

* next to a course title indicates fulfillment of one of two substantial writing requirements. (Discontinued for graduating class Spring 2011.)

See Grading Systems for additional Law school grading methods.