Student Course Evaluations FAQ’s


How can I access the Course Evaluations?

When the evaluation process opens for students, a link to the evaluations will be available within both My.UChicago and Canvas.

When you log-in to My.UChicago, you will see your courses listed in the course evaluation pagelet.  You can click on the hyperlink of the course to access the evaluation.

If you have course evaluations to complete, you will receive a pop-up message when you log-in to Canvas.  You can click on the UChicago Course Evaluations hyperlink to access your list of evaluations.

You may also access your evaluations in Canvas by clicking on Account on the top left hand side of the page.  Click on College Course Evaluations to access your list of evaluations.

Why can't I see an evaluation for my course?

Course evaluations are available for most classroom based undergraduate courses.  Faculty may choose to not offer an evaluation for their course.

When will my evaluation hold be released?

Once you have completed all of your course evaluations for the current term, you should see that your evaluation hold is released the next time you log-in to My.UChicago.