Managing Online Consent Requests

The Consent Form Process

Instructor consent forms, formerly referred to as "pink slips," are used by College (undergraduate) students to register for courses that are full or require instructor consent to enroll.  Consent forms are available beginning the Wednesday after the end of the quarter, through the end of the add/drop period.  NOTE:  For Autumn quarter courses, online consent becomes available the Wednesday after the end of the Summer quarter.

Through Faculty Access, you can set one of three options for your course(s): Printable Consent Forms, Online Consent Forms, and Disable Consent Forms.  The default is Online Consent Forms.  
The Printable Consent Form option will allow students to print a paper consent form for you to sign, granting them permission to register for your course. The student brings the signed form to the Registrar's Office and staff enroll the student in the course.

The Online Consent Form option activates an online webform that students submit for you to electronically approve through Faculty Access.  If approved, the student will have 24 hours to register for the course via my.UChicago.  After 24 hours, the approval expires and the student can no longer register unless they go through the online consent request process again

The Disable Consent Form option will disable both the printable consent form and the online consent form. This option should be used only for courses that do not use the standard consent form (such as Reading and Research courses) or follow other departmental petition/consent procedures.

Setting the Consent Type

Setting Email Notification Type

Approving Consent Requests

Denying Consent Requests

Checking Consent Request Statuses

Setting Proxy Consent Approvers

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