Accessing the Online Consent Form

  1. Log-in to my.UChicago and click on the My Classes link.

2. Search for the desired course using the search box in the center of the page.

3. Click the REQUEST button. The online consent form is available for courses that have turned on this feature. Otherwise, the printable consent form will be used.

4. If the course has one or more related activities, choose the related activity desired by using the radio button on the left and then click REQUEST.

5. A comment box will appear. You may enter a note for the instructor to review, or leave it blank and click Submit.

6. A blue confirmation message will appear across the top of the screen to indicate that the consent request has been submitted. The counter on the My Planned Courses tab will increase by one.

NOTE: Submitting a consent request DOES NOT mean that you are registered for the course. If you receive approval from the instructor to register for the course, you will be required to log in to my.UChicago to register yourself for the course. You will have 24 hours from the time of approval to register for the course. Failure to register for the course within the 24 hour window will result in loss of the seat.