Printable Consent Form

The Printable Consent Form is used by College students to register for courses that are full or require instructor consent to enroll. The Printable Consent Form is available beginning the Wednesday after the end of the quarter, through the end of the add/drop period, for courses that have enabled the online consent feature.  NOTE:  For Autumn quarter courses, printable consent becomes available the Wednesday after the end of the Summer quarter. Although forms become available early, they will not be accepted by the Registrar's Office for processing until the first day of the quarter.

Courses that do not use the printable consent form may have enabled the online consent form.

Accessing the Printable Consent Form

1. Log-in to my.UChicago and click on the My Classes link.

MyClasses Link_0.png

2. Search for the desired course using the search box in the center of the page.

MyClasses Link2_0.png

3. Click the REQUEST button.

MyClasses Link3_0.png

4. A new window containing the consent form will open. Click PRINT THIS FORM on the top left to print.


5. Click the RETURN button on the top right to go back to your search results.


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