Using Attributes in Class Search

An Attribute is used to identify courses that meet a specific criteria.  Attributes include College Core Requirement, Course Clusters, and Pre-Registration Eligible.  Use the search filters to narrow down by Attribute and Attribute Values.

College Core Requirement: Courses that meet College Core curriculum requirements. Narrow results further by one of eight attribute values.

College Biological Sciences Core
College Civilization Studies Core
College Dramatic/Musical/Visual Arts Core
College Humanities Core Requirement
College Natural Sciences Core
College Physical Sciences Core
College Quantitative (Math/Stat) Core
College Social Sciences Core

Course Clusters: Course clusters consist of three or more courses on a common topic or issue that are offered over a span of two to three years. Course clusters can be made up of existing courses or encourage the creation of new courses. Courses within a cluster can have different formats. They can be smaller seminars or larger lecture courses.

Climate Change, Culture, and Society
Economic History, from Sumer to the Global World
History of the Law
Urban Design

Pre-Registration Eligible: Courses eligible for Pre-Registration.